War of the Currents (Sophomore 2013)


Muffin Express Games is proud to announce our newest title, War of the Currents!
War of the Currents depicts the epic struggle between two bitter rivals, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, for the very fate of mankind.

Nearly a year in the making, War of the Currents is a high-action, platforming, beat ’em up, set in New York City and starring Nikola Tesla versus the villainous Thomas Edison. Original music, hundreds of art assets, cut scenes, voice over, Lovecraftian mythos, six levels, and one damned epic boss fight (if we do say so ourselves).

War of the Currents was our (insanely ambitious) Sophomore DigiPen project and marks the fourth game developed by Muffin Express. It has been our largest and most difficult undertaking to date, but it certainly won’t be our last. Now, time for a little bit of much needed R&R!

As always, feedback is much appreciated. We hope you enjoy the game! 🙂

Download War of the Currents

Platform: PC
Action, Beat ’em Up, Platformer
Bernard Hwang (Design), Chris Morris (Design), Jessica Alves (Concept Art/Animation), Joe Arroyo (Programming/Music/Producer), Joseph Erskine (Programming/Art/UI), Konstantin Udovickij (Programming), Kylie Bishop (Concept Art/Animation), Nathan Hitchcock (Programming/Design), Nikk Golesh (Programming/Tools/Design)
Development Time:
Approx. 48 Weeks
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