Mashball (Junior 2014)

Muffin Express Games is very proud to present our newest title, MASHBALL!

Take a twisted version of “Hot Potato”, a bunch of lovable robots, hilarious color commentary and what do you get?  MASHBALL!  It’s the chaotic, arena combat sports broadcast you never knew you loved!  Mashball features FREE4ALL and 2V2 game modes, two unique level sets, and a plethora of power-ups.  Choose your favorite “tater-bot,” your favorite ability and challenge your friends.  With support for up to four players, it’s fun for everyone!  Mashball is the greatest potato sport ever created… for a 3:30am time slot on a fake sports network.

Download Link: [Mashball] [Mirror 1]

Platform: PC

Genre: Multiplayer, Action, Arena Combat, Sports

Team: Bernard Hwang (Game Design), Chris Morris (Level Design), Jessica Alves (Concept Art/Environment Art), Joe Arroyo (Graphics/Producer), Joseph Erskine (Art Director)Kylie Bishop (Concept Art/Animation), Nathan Hitchcock (Engine Architecture), Nikk Golesh (Physics), Marian Huber (3D Modeler), John Henke (Sound Designer)

Development Time: Approx. 56 Weeks

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