Muffin Factory (Freshman 2012)


Muffin Factory

It’s EnGee’s first day as a Muffin Factory Engineer and chaos has already broken out in the experimental wing of the Factory! The muffin shipping boxes are being spit out in every direction at excessive rates. His boss, the Muffin Man, has tasked EnGee to fix it all. He must find the main electrical panels on each floor of the factory before it is overrun with rampant boxes.

In this puzzle-platformer, the player navigates through each level while boxes are flying about, building the path to completion in real time. As the level is being constructed, EnGee must react accordingly by way of jumping, dodging, and climbing to avoid being crushed or pushed off an edge. With a very simple control set up, the player will be able to focus their energy on solving the puzzle at hand by making quick and risky decisions. Featuring cute and stylized art, Muffin Factory is reminiscent of popular 8-bit games which will be easy to play yet difficult to master.

Help EnGee restore order to the Factory in this fun-filled, jocular, and exciting experience.

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Platform: PC
Genre: Puzzle-platformer
Team: Joe Arroyo (Programmer/Physics/Art/Music), Nikkolas Golesh (Programmer/Designer/Tools)
Development Time: Approx. 16 Weeks
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Digipen Freshamn Game - Muffin Factory

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