PAX Prime ’13 Wrap-Up!

Hello friends, both new and old. If you are just checking out our site for the first time after chatting with one of us at PAX Prime this year, welcome! The team had an awesome time meeting and chatting with everyone that stopped by the booth to play War of the Currents, so thanks for hanging out with us. 🙂

For those of you that were asking to nab a copy of the game, we decided to upload our PAX build for your downloading pleasure. While there haven’t been any major changes since our initial release, we have definitely cleaned up quite a few troublesome bugs.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that we will be continuing to work on War of the Currents (but, you never know). However, we encourage you to keep checking back for updates pertaining to our brand new project. While we can’t reveal too many details yet (we sort of just make it up as we go along, anyway), rest assured that we are hoping to produce something that will be fun and much different from anything we have done before.

Make sure to grab the new War of the Currents build before you go. Adios amigos!

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